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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the authorised means of payment?
Payment is made by debit or credit cards (Maestro, Visa or MasterCard). If you use a Maestro card, you must not complete the “cryptogram” field.

I wish to register but the website tells me that my E-SHOP account already exists
That means you are already a TEC customer and you have a MOBIB card. To receive your connection identifiers, go to a TEC SPACE or complete the identifier request form (cf. “User’s guide”).
If you are not yet a TEC customer, please contact your regional TEC via “Contact us.”

How can I buy a ticket?
You can use the “Express Purchase” function to buy a ticket, or connect to your customer account:

- Express purchase:
Are you in a hurry? Then it makes no sense to create an account!
Go to the “Express Purchase” heading and reload your card directly using your MOBIB number.

- Purchase from your customer account:
To connect, you must create your customer account or, if you already have a MOBIB card, you can use your connection identifiers that will be delivered to you in a TEC SPACE.

Irrespective of the connection method chosen, all you have to do to buy your ticket is follow the instructions.

I bought a ticket via the E-SHOP more than 24 hours ago and it does not appear on my E-SHOP account
After your purchase at the E-SHOP, you will need to wait until the next day before placing your MOBIB/MOBIB Basic card in front of a scanner (or SELF).
Your ticket shall be visible on your E-SHOP 24h after validator (after the information is conveyed from the bus to your central system).

I have a problem with an E-SHOP order and wish to contact a TEC official
In case of a technical problem or order follow-up, I can contact the E-SHP help desk by e-mail at or by telephone at 081/32.27.41, Monday to Friday, between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM.

If my problem has to do with the choice of a ticket, a route or a validity zone, I can contact my regional TEC to obtain its details, I can click on the “Contact us” link in the right column.

How long is there between the time that I order a travel document and when I can use it?
A travel document bought before midnight can be used from the next morning, after you place your MOBIB/MOBIB Basic card in front of a scanner (or SELF).

What type of photo should I provide when I register?
You should provide a recent identity photo (photo on a white background with the face centred, facing forward).

How can I be sure that my payment is being made fully securely?
Our payment platform is secured using 3D Secure technology.
3D Secure (also called ‘Verified by Visa’ and ‘MasterCard SecureCode’) is an authentication payment system making it possible to provide the best possible security for your online purchases.

How to order a basic MOBIB card
- If you do not have a MOBIB card yet:
Create your customer account by clicking “New Customer? Register here.”
Once your registration is validated, click on “Order a MOBIB/basic MOBIB” card under “My services”

- If you already have a MOBIB card:
Go to “Express Purchase” and click on “Order a MOBIB/basic MOBIB” card under “My services.”

What should I do if my ticket is not loaded on my card?
Check the time: for the ticket to be available on your card, you must have purchased it before midnight the day before. Make sure you hold your card for a few seconds so that the “Teledistribution carried out” message is displayed. Also, in order to avoid all interference during the validation/teledistribution process, avoid holding your card whilst contained in a case or wallet in which there is another electronic card (without contact).

If the validator always displays “No valid ticket” 24 hours after the order, contact your regional TEC through the “Contact Us” heading.

What if the website is down?
If a problem occurs on the website before you have proceeded to pay for your basket, you are requested to recommence the operation. Your account will not be debited for as long as the transaction has not gone through.

How can I reload my basic MOBIB card?
To reload your basic MOBIB card, please use the “Express Purchase” function (the connection is carried out with your MOBIB number).

I wish to purchase a starting pass in February. Which item must I choose?
At the E-SHOP, you can buy a pass for the month in progress (up to the 3rd of the month for monthly passes) and for the subsequent month.
The validity is indicated in the description of the pass.
For example:
• The month subscription NEXT FEBRUARY 2017 is valid from 1 to 28 February 2017
• The subscription FEB 2017 - JAN 2018 is valid from 1 February 2017 to 31 January 2018.

I ordered a basic MOBIB card via the E-SHOP, but I wish to cancel the purchase
According to the general terms and conditions of use of TEC tickets, if a distance contract is concluded for an order of a basic MOBIB card with a user who is a consumer within the meaning of Article I. 1, 2° of the Code of Economic Law, the consumer has a right to cancel within 14 days as of the date on which the consumer or a third party designated by the latter takes possession of the Card.
To exercise the right of cancellation, the consumer will inform TEC of his desire to cancel using the ad hoc form to cancel an order for a basic MOBIB card via the E-SHOP. This form is available on, under “Buy a ticket”/ “MOBIB.”

How to log on to E-SHOP?
- If you do not have a MOBIB card yet, create a customer account under “New customer? Sign me up.”

- Do you already have a MOBIB card? You are already pre-registered in the E-SHOP. Your connection identifiers should have been sent to you when you purchased your MOBIB card. If this is not the case, or if you have lost them, you can request them via an online form (see ‘User guide’ section).

I need proof of purchase of my pass for my employer.
When you make a purchase via the E-SHOP, you can download the receipt of your purchase after you have made your payment. This receipt can also be downloaded under “Record of purchases.”

I have a basic MOBIB card but I do not see it in my E-SHOP account. Is it normal?
Yes, it’s normal because the basic MOBIB card is anonymous. So it is not linked to your customer account.
You can consult the tickets on your card by using the “Express purchase” function of the E-SHOP.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen after I buy it?
Connect to your customer account and ask for a duplicate of your card (cost: €10). The lost or stolen card will be blocked and a new card will be created. The tickets that were on the initial card will be transferred to the new card.
This is valid for a MOBIB card only (not valid for the basic MOBIB cards).
Attention: a new MOBIB card (via “Order a MOBIB card”) cannot be ordered to replace a card that is lost or stolen.

You can also obtain your duplicate by going to a TEC SPACE.

How can I order a 6-11 year old pass for my child?
Request it via the E-SHOP:
1. Create a customer account containing your child’s personal details. Do not forget to mention his or her national number (if s/he does not have one, attach a can of an identity document).
2. Order his or her MOBIB card (fee for the card, valid for 5 years: €5).
3. The MOBIB card loaded with the Horizon+ 6-11 years pass will be sent to you by post the next working day after you place your order.
Please note that it is possible to link your child’s account to yours (once the 2 accounts have been created) and to send us his or her details (surname, forename, national register no. and/or MOBIB card N°) via the contact form.
You can then buy tickets for your child directly from your account.

Can I use my MOBIB TEC card to load travel documents for other operators?
Yes, the MOBIB card is interoperable. You can therefore load travel documents from other Belgian operators (SNCB, STIB and De Lijn) by visiting one of their points of sale.
Good to know: the MOBIB card can contain a maximum of 8 travel documents.

I have a MOBIB card from another operator (STIB, De Lijn or SNCB), can I use the E-SHOP?
To be able to use the E-SHOP, your card must be registered in our ticketing system. To that end, you must go to a TEC SPACE with your MOBIB card and ask for your access codes to the E-SHOP.